Established in 2012, the PMO serves as the statewide prevention service provider. Since our inception, we have worked diligently to create and foster a comprehensive and integrated prevention system to effectively manage and support alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and suicide (ATODS) prevention in all 23 Wyoming counties.

Initially, we started as a program under the Community Resource Center (CRC) of Johnson County. CRC acted as the fiscal sponsor for PMO activities. PMO has since sought and attained 501c3 status as an independent nonprofit. Once 501c3 status was attained, we named a new Chief Executive Officer, Keith Hotle, JD, MPA. Keith immediately began working to form a multi-disciplinary, statewide board of directors that provides ongoing direction and leadership with respect to our mission and services.

In our service to communities since 2012, we have worked to streamline funding, develop a highly-trained professional prevention workforce, scale prevention knowledge throughout the agency, and offer high-quality support and assistance to communities with their prevention efforts, to include their planning and capacity building activities.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is clear: “Through collaborations and partnerships, the Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming is dedicated to strengthening the prevention efforts around alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and suicide.”

When we succeed in achieving our mission, our vision is a healthier Wyoming, free of suicide and the abuses of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Role and Position

We fill a unique niche in Wyoming by developing and disseminating data, information, resources, and expertise to communities for ATODS prevention. We offer subject-matter-expertise about ATODS, and are current with best- or evidence-based ATODS prevention strategies and practices to be adapted for community needs and cultures.

Prevailing wisdom says that prevention happens at a local level. Our talented and dedicated prevention specialists provide leadership in Wyoming’s communities and serve as facilitators and collaborators with community prevention coalitions. In our capacity-building role, we engage and empower local professionals and volunteers to identify and solve their own community issues relative to ATODS.

We also work statewide to create the partnerships, messages, resources, and policies to promote and support local community prevention. It is our desire to celebrate and advance local successes for statewide collective impact. This brings about lasting policy and environmental change to produce positive prevention outcomes.

As a nonprofit, we have the opportunity to be flexible, nimble, adaptable, and innovative. Further, as a 501c3, we have legal, fiduciary, and ethical responsibilities in keeping with our charitable, tax-exempt status. As such, we are responsible not to individuals or a single funding source, but rather to the purposes and people for which we were established to serve. We have a moral and ethical obligation to operate to the highest standards of performance, accountability, and transparency. Likewise, our staff understand the importance of adhering to the prevention Code of Ethical Conduct as recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.