“PMO is Prevention” is more than a tagline for the Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming (PMO); indeed, it captures the essence of our organization and reflects the passion of every employee from the CEO to the newest community staff member. The PMO delivers the highest level of community-based ATODS prevention possible, through a public health approach that drives systems-level change. To that end, our community prevention staff work with local coalitions and stakeholders to ensure adherence to the following key principles of effective ATODS prevention: (1) data-driven decision making and strategic planning; (2) implementation with fidelity of evidence-based programs, practices and policies pursuant to approved strategic plans; (3) utilization of cutting-edge  technology for strategy management and outcomes tracking; (4) ongoing capacity building and community engagement; and (5) fostering effectiveness and efficiencies at an organizational level to optimize prevention outcomes.

The PMO’s vision is a healthy Wyoming, free of suicide and the abuses of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Our mission is to foster and strengthen community-based prevention efforts around alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and suicide through the application of research-based best practices in the field of public health. We accomplish this mission through collaboration and partnerships with local coalitions and key community stakeholders. Through research, data, and valued partnerships, the PMO empowers Wyoming communities to steer their own ATODS prevention efforts.

Our 2016 Business Plan set ambitious year-2020 programmatic goals for the PMO, including the implementation of statewide and community-level strategic and capacity-building plans; the development of a Strategic Communications Plan to leverage state and local partnerships and resources; and the design of systems and practices necessary to conclusively measure outputs and short-term, intermediate, and/or long-term ATODS prevention outcomes. Our recent operationalization of the InsightVision strategy management system, the completion of strategic and capacity building plans in every county, and our ongoing adaptation of collective impact principles to our community-based ATODS prevention efforts place us well ahead of the curve in reaching those goals.

Our organizational objectives are equally aspirational – to operationalize highly effective structural systems that reflect a unified, sustainable statewide organization capable of optimally producing ATODS prevention outcomes. Our 2020 goal is nothing short of positioning the PMO at the pinnacle of community-centric nonprofit prevention across Wyoming and the nation.